Filing taxes is one of the most dreaded yearly events of any person or small business. Many people try to do taxes themselves, and while this may seem like a good idea to save money over hiring a tax preparation expert there are many reasons why your small business should hire one. Tax season can be a stressful time for a business, especially if the clock is ticking on getting it done by mid-spring. The first thing a tax preparation expert can help with is saving a business time.

Saving Time

A small business owner is almost always stressed for time. According to a study, for those business owners that attempt to file their own taxes, the average amount of time filing taxes was 52.5 hours. This is a very alarming amount of time that basically equates to a long work week. What is the purpose of taking valuable time a business owner can spend doing what they do best: managing their business when there are tax preparation experts that can do the job faster and better? Hiring a tax preparation expert to do your small business’ taxes will save a business owner time, which as the saying goes is money.

Saving Money

Speaking of money, hiring a professional tax preparation expert can save your business some. Although hiring a tax preparation expert can seem expensive at first, the tax savings they find can end up negating the amount of money you end up spending on them. Also, realistically you are saving 52.5 hours on average by hiring an expert. If you take the amount of money you make on average and break it down hour by hour, and multiply it by 52.5 you can estimate the amount of money you save yourself by focusing on business related activities.

Greater Accuracy

Not only will hiring a tax preparation expert save you time and money, but they will do it correctly, and they will do it faster than you ever could, that is unless you are a tax preparation expert yourself. Filing taxes as a person and employee is complicated enough but when you own a business it becomes even more complicated. Errors on filing taxes can waste time and money by having to spend time fixing the errors. Negating errors can also save you money by not being charged with penalties for errors, and getting the tax breaks you are entitled to. A tax preparation expert will file your taxes properly, quickly, and effectively.

Guidance for the Future

Having a tax preparation expert on hand can also provide your business with guidance. Taxes can be complicated, but a tax preparation expert can help sniff out ways to help your business qualify for savings ahead of time rather than trying to find them in March or April when your business i filing it’s taxes.

Audit Protection

A tax preparation expert is also vital in avoiding audits by the IRS, and in the event of an audit, making sure everything goes smoothly. Being audited is not something any business ever wants to have to go through, but it does happen, especially if someone who isn’t used to filing taxes does them for your business. A tax preparation expert will get everything done smoothly and accurately.


Preparing taxes can take a lot of money, and time away from your business. If done by an amateur, rather than a tax preparation expert it can also end up costing your business more time and money than is necessary. Taxes are best left to the professionals then. To find a Tax Expert near you contact Tax Experts Inc.