It’s important for you, as Americans to know what The Affordable Care Act is. The Affordable Care Act is a healthcare reform law that was enacted on March 23, 2010. The reason for the Affordable Care Act is because of the American States progressive vision of universal healthcare coverage and the conservative ideals of market competition.

The Beginning of The Affordable Care Act

In July 2009. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi introduced H.R. 3962, the Affordable Healthcare for America Act. Senators such as Ted Kennedy of Boston and Max Baucus of California were huge supporters of health reform, they helped lead the existence of the Affordable Care Act.

What is Obamacare?

After the creation of the America’s healthy future act, and the bill being passed, most Americans waited for the bill to become law. The law that came into existence is now known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It is also known as Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act (ACA). The law became a federal statute enacted on March 23, 2010.

How The Affordable Care Act Help You

The goal of the affordable care act was to make sure health insurance become affordable through multiple medians, such as:

  • New consumer protections
  • New rules and regulations on the healthcare industry
  • Expansion of public healthcare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • New marketplace for subsidized insurance

The healthcare spending cuts is also another measure established by the affordable care act.

How the Affordable Care Act Influences Healthcare Practices

Here are some ways the affordable care act undertake affordable healthcare practices

  • People with preexisting conditions can’t be charged more or denied treatment.
  • There are no more annual or lifetime dollar limits on care.
  • The marketplaces subsidize premium costs and out-of-pocket costs.
  • A single risk pool is created giving the individual and small group markets the same buying power as large group markets.
  • New rules and regulations stop insurance companies from making unjustified rate hikes.
  • It is now illegal to charge Women more than men.
  • The amount insurers can discriminate price based on facts like age is restricted.
  • All plans must have minimum benefits regardless of cost.
  • Expanded Medicaid means free or low-cost insurance for most Americans.
  • Young adults can stay on their parents plan until 26.
  • Medicare gets a big overhaul meaning cheaper care for seniors and less costs for hospitals.
  • Doctors for the most part will see their rates stay the same or, in the case of Medicaid doctors will see their rates increase.
  • Quality over quantity care is incited for all Hospitals in America.
  • and more.

The Affordable Care Act considers affordable healthcare to be any health insurance cost less than 8% of your annual modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) after subsidies.

Finding Affordable Healthcare

The good news about this plan, is that any family or individual who makes less, pay less. Many home owners shopping in the private market can find health insurance options more affordable with the affordable care act. But tax credits won’t allow payments more than 9.5% of your house hold income, for a base level silver plan, due to tax credits capping the maximum premium you pay.

Whether or not you look for healthcare in the healthcare market place, or through a broker or provider, the affordable care act will make sure you find affordable health insurance prices.